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Southern Illinois native transplanted to Franklin, TN. Eternal optimist who loves history, beauty, country music, and community. Media relations professional and virtual business owner. People builder and master encourager. Wife to Philip and pet mom to Ozzy and Ella.

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How to use Facebook Live to grow your virtual business [FREE DOWNLOAD]

How to use Facebook Live to grow your virtual business [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Jul 23, 2016 | 32 Comments

More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook. In fact, if Facebook was a country, it would be significantly larger than China.  Needless to say, if you have a business, you should definitely be on Facebook. Your current and/or future customers/team members likely use it. All day every day Facebook users share questions, observations, […]

6 reasons why you have enough time for a virtual business

6 reasons why you have enough time for a virtual business

Jul 12, 2016 | 33 Comments

When I was first approached about starting a virtual business, the idea sounded laughably impossible.

By working my virtual business in 15-minute increments alongside that full-time job, my online enterprise allowed me to leave that former employer by choice. What a blessing!

Video marketing for virtual business: 5 tips for rocking your next video!

Video marketing for virtual business: 5 tips for rocking your next video!

Jun 28, 2016 | 25 Comments

Video is the next best thing to sitting across the table from someone. It really helps your audience to know, like, and trust you. Whether you’re an established YouTube rockstar or you’re getting ready to shoot your very first video, I hope you’ll find these tips helpful.


  • camille vickers testimonial

    Krista is one of the most inspiring people I know! She is an incredible friend, a super hard worker, and brilliant business partner. We work closely together and I always know I can count on her to offer great advice and wisdom. Her leadership skills, communication skills, and customer service are excellent and I would trust her with anything. I am so lucky to work with someone as wonderful as her!

    - Camille J.

  • jennifer trsinar testimonial

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Krista. I have worked with her in many aspects but the one I am most thankful for has been through her work as a skincare consultant. I am 27 years old and I finally have amazing skin. You never know how much it bothers you until you get your first compliment. Through her educating me on a regimen and beginning to use the amazing product, I have seen amazing results and can say I finally have clear skin. She is one of the most professional people I know and she really cares about her clients.

    - Jennifer T.

  • Bonnie Riechert testimonial

    Having known Krista for several years, I have seen her establishment as a skincare consultant with the energy and innovation that she brings to every endeavor. As her customer, I can attest to her excellent customer service and engagement. She assesses each challenge professionally, strategically, and successfully.

    - Bonnie R.

  • Ashley Segroves testimonial

    Krista has opened my eyes to all the possibilities of online media. She is able to explain project goals and pinpoint where to begin. I am amazed at how quickly she is able to understand my business and help to express my voice. Not only is she technically savvy, she is creative, personable, fun to be around and always brightens my day.

    - Ashley S.

  • Krista Chapman testimonial

    I always love the opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm with Krista… professional, driven, smart, and caring. She is a great colleague and friend that I am honored to have in my network.

    - Krista C.

  • Ashley Hicks testimonial

    Krista’s enthusiasm and passion for the success of our business and her social media/organizational skills make her an invaluable asset to the growth of our company. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend any small business with big ideas to connect with her.

    - Ashley H.

  • natosha benning testimonial

    As one of Krista’s repeat customers, she has extended to me excellent customer service, accessibility and an eagerness to meet my personal skin care needs. She has been invaluable in helping me develop better skin care habits, understand how the products work together to help my skin and keep me informed of new products, promotions and savings. Krista’s business has flourished through her passion for results and an enthusiasm for what she offers. I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.

    - Natosha B.

  • Jessica Bishop testimonial

    Krista is an outstanding skincare consultant. She is energetic, personable and it is obvious that she is passionate about what she represents. She really finds joy in helping people fix their skin issues whether they want to reduce acne or fight wrinkles! I’ve been very impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and her ability to offer educated suggestions and advice based on what your issues are. I highly recommend working with Krista if you are in need of a new skincare regimen!

    - Jessica B.

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